Dina Wilson

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Dina holds a degree in archaeology as she dreamed of being an Egyptologist before
she fell in love with film. She is an accomplished performer, producer, consultant, writer,
and on-camera personality with expertise in production management, marketing, social media, digital assets, photography, talent and recruiting.

At STARZ Television, she was hired to produce a wide range of projects on high-profile
international and US shows. As a liaison between the network and showrunners, Dina
was sent on location to capture photo and video assets. Most notably, Dina produced the key art shoot for OUTLANDER in Scotland. She served as an additional unit
producer for promo pieces, EPK/BTS footage, interviews, marketing shoots, and
content for social media. In Los Angeles, she produced the OUTLANDER fan event at
the Orpheum Theatre.

Using both her experience in digital media and physical production, Dina traveled to the BLACK SAILS set in South Africa where she ran shoots to gather assets for the show’s
immersive web site. She also produced original content at the BLACK SAILS premiere
at Comic-Con, interviewing fans and making promos for YouTube. For STARZ’s hit
show POWER, Dina went to the stages in New York to shoot the upscale nightclub set
which an ad agency used to create a 360 virtual reality experience online. On POWER,
Dina produced the first “Inside the Episode” pieces that STARZ had ever broadcast.

To focus more on her career as a performer, Dina transitioned to consulting for STARZ
to help the network create production policies in line with industry standards. She wrote the STARZ Originals Production Manual, Post Production Manual, Production Safety Manual and Transportation Handbook. In concert with production executives, she helped implement large-scale production management projects. Dina developed the
STARZ Production Safety Program and hired an expert consultant to implement safety
procedures on set. She also launched the STARZ Transportation Department and
recruited a production transportation executive to run it. Working closely with production attorneys and outside counsel, Dina helped craft the STARZ Production Anti-Harassment Program.

Before STARZ, Dina worked as a web and live event producer at HBO. On the feature side, she also worked in development at Paramount Pictures and assisted several prestigious film producers.


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