Callum Greene


Veteran producer with decades of experience and credits ranging from indie NYC cult classics like HAMLET to tentpole epics such as PACIFIC RIM and STAR WARS 9. Callum Greene has worked on a myriad of acclaimed independent and studio movies. Nominated twice by the IFP Spirit Awards in 2004 for Happy Here and Now, which […]

Rebecca Hawkes


A 30+ year career in Film and TV Post-Production and Distribution. A self-motivated entrepreneur, founding and heading the first female led, International Technical Services company. Experienced at fusing technical and creative knowledge with commercial insights. Actively involved in researching and adopting new technology for workflows, however big or small. In 2003 Rebecca Hawkes founded Schedule […]

Natasha Sofia


A digital designer specializing in taking a bundle of heavy (sometimes boring) essential text information and use design to make it much more interesting and readable.